6 Best Dog GPS Trackers for Active Pups (2022)

You’ve probably heard of GPS trackers for your dog: they can be useful to help you keep an eye on your dog’s location and how much activity they’re doing. They’re usually fairly small and simply attach to your dog’s collar or harness. Lots of owners find them useful, but if you’re new to the idea it can be confusing to find a tracker that will suit your needs. Don’t worry, we’ll look at 6 of the best dog GPS trackers in 2022, comparing the features on offer, ease of use, and subscription options to help you make the best choice.

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Best Dog GPS Trackers

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Comparing the Best Dog GPS Trackers

  • Best tracker overall
  • Unlimited range
  • Live updates
  • Best tracker for training
  • Ring and vibration feature
  • Safe zone alerts
  • Best for activity tracking
  • Tracks wide range of activities
  • Helps monitor dog’s health
  • Best tracker for protection
  • Text to voice feature for lost dog
  • Range of protection alerts
  • Best ‘no subscription’ tracker
  • Tracks activity
  • Recommends breed-specific goals
  • Best multi-use tracker
  • Range of purposes and attachments
  • Small and lightweight

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In Depth Reviews of Our Recommended Trackers

Tractive GPS DOG 4 review


  • Best tracker overall
  • Unlimited range
  • Live updates

The Tractive GPS DOG 4 should be at the top of your list when you’re searching for the best tracker for dogs, with unlimited range and worldwide coverage. This tracker provides live updates on your dog’s location every 2 to 3 seconds, and you can even share your dog’s location with others. You can set a ‘virtual fence’ around dog safe areas and receive alerts if your dog leaves that area. 

I loved that this tracker also tracks your dog’s activities, so you can see how often they’ve been active or sleeping, and you can even set goals for your pup. It’s highly durable, being 100% waterproof and shock resistant to stand up to the most adventurous of dogs. The battery lasts for up to 7 days and charges quickly in 2 hours for convenience. 

It’s easy to set up, with a simple-to-use app that connects to the tracker. A monthly subscription is required, and you can choose a plan that suits your budget. We use this tracker for our Springer Spaniel and have found it’s high-quality, durable, and easy to use.


  • Most owners felt this tracker gave them extra security when their dog was off lead, reassuring them that they could be found quickly if they got lost
  • Owners generally found this tracker and app were easy to set up and use
  • Owners found the tracker was highly durable and securely attached to their dog’s collar, even with very active and adventurous dogs
  • Many found the tracker stayed connected in a variety of areas
  • Most owners felt the tracker and subscription were worth the investment to keep their dog safe, with many saying it gave them peace of mind on walks
  • Many found the battery lasted well (depending on which features were used and how often) and was quick and easy to charge when needed
  • Owners liked the additional features, including the virtual fence, activity tracking, and location sharing


  • Turning the tracker on and off can be fiddling and frustrating, putting some owners off
  • Some found the tracking wasn’t accurate and it lost signal quite a lot, especially in remote areas 
  • Some owners found the battery didn’t last well and had to charge it more often than they expected
  • Some felt this tracker wasn’t worth the investment, mentioning the price of the subscription 
  • Some owners found the tracker didn’t attach securely enough to their dog’s collar
  • Several owners experienced breakage or faults after a brief period of use

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Weenect Dog GPS Tracker review


  • Best tracker for training
  • Ring and vibration feature
  • Safe zone alerts

If you’re looking for the best dog tracker for training, the Weenect Dogs 2 could be the best choice for you. You can instruct the tracker to ring or vibrate to help you communicate with your dog if they get too far away, aiding with training, a feature which I loved and found very useful. You can set up safe zones and be notified if your dog leaves these zones, so you can work on training.

This tracker has unlimited distance range and works anywhere in Europe. The tracker will send location updates every 10 seconds to help you keep track of your dog’s location. The battery lasts up to 3 days and there are a range of subscription plans to suit your needs.


  • Most owners found this tracker stayed connected well and was reliable and accurate in a variety of settings 
  • Owners typically found the tracker attached very securely to their dog’s collar, even with puppies and very active dogs
  • Owners found this tracker gave them peace of mind when their dog was off the lead
  • Many found this product helped them with training, in particular mentioning recall training in relation to the beep and vibrate functions
  • Many found the app and tracker easy to set up, connect, and use
  • Owners liked that this product tracked their dog’s activity and provided a map of the walks they’d done, finding it both interesting and useful


  • Short battery life means the tracker needs regular charging, with some owners finding this frustrating
  • Some owners felt the tracker was too large and worried it would be uncomfortable for their dog
  • Some found the signal was poor and that the tracker struggled to connect at times
  • Some felt the subscription was too expensive and wasn’t worth it
  • Some owners stated that the tracker was difficult to set up and confusing to use
  • Can be prone to detaching from the outer case with some owners losing their tracker

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Kippy EVO Dog GPS Tracker review


  • Best for activity tracking
  • Tracks wide range of activities
  • Helps monitor dog’s health

The KIPPY – EVO is 1 of the best dog trackers for activity tracking, with detailed tracking of your pet’s activity including their steps; minutes of activity; time sleeping, resting, playing, running, and walking, and even a way to track your dog’s calorie intake. I loved that I could easily see a summary and charts of my dog’s activity and analyse the data to help keep my dog as healthy as possible. As well as the activity tracking, the tracker also keeps you informed of your dog’s location, with live location tracking, a virtual fence, and records of your dog’s movements. 

This tracker is built to last, made from durable materials  and featuring a battery life of up to 7 days . It’s fully waterproof and even has a LED light so you can see your dog from a distance. A range of subscription plans are available to suit your budget and needs.



  • Many found that this tracker gave them peace of mind and assured them their dog wouldn’t get lost
  • Many owners found the activity tracking feature useful, feeling it was both interesting and would help with improving and maintaining their dog’s health
  • Owners found the goal setting aspect of the app useful to ensure their dog had enough exercise  
  • Owners liked the LED light, finding it was useful to spot their dog at a distance in low light
  • Most owners found this tracker was accurate and helped them keep track of their pet’s activity and location
  • Many said that the tracker was durable and attached securely to their dog’s collar


  • Some owners found the multiple features confusing and difficult to use
  • Some found the battery didn’t last as long as expected and they had to charge the tracker frequently 
  • Some found the tracker was a bit too big, especially for small breed dogs
  • Several owners found the location tracking inaccurate and some found the connection wasn’t reliable
  • Some found the app was difficult to use or prone to ‘glitches’
  • Some owners experienced breakage or faults after a period of use

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Pawfit 2 Pet GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor review


  • Best tracker for protection
  • Text to voice feature for lost dog
  • Range of protection alerts

The Pawfit 2 Pet GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor is an excellent option if you’re looking for something to help you keep your dog safe while they’re off the lead. If your dog gets lost, anyone who finds them can press the button their tracker and it will ‘speak’ to them with your dog’s ID details so they can be returned to you safely. Other protection features include a temperature alert if the temperature around your dog changes dramatically; an alert if someone takes the tracker off your dog’s collar, and alerts for your dog leaving customized ‘safe zones’. 

The tracker also offers live location tracking, activity tracking, and goal setting to help keep your dog healthy. I liked that it was highly durable, including being waterproof and designed to stand up to dropping, light biting, and all sorts of adventurous activities. The battery can last up to 6 days, and a range of subscriptions are available. 


  • Owners said that the tracking features gave them peace of mind while their dog was off lead
  • Many found that the app and tracker were easy to set up and use
  • Owners found the protection features useful, feeling they enhanced their dog’s safety
  • Many said that the tracker was durable, waterproof, and securely attached to their dog’s collar
  • Owners liked that multiple people could view their dog’s location, feeling it was helpful for family members or if a professional dog walker walked their dog
  • Many said the battery lasted well, especially compared to other trackers they’d tried


  • Some owners were disappointed that the signal wasn’t strong in more remote areas
  • Some found the app and its many features hard to navigate, and wished there were clearer instructions
  • Some owners felt the subscription plan was pricey and they were disappointed they had to pay monthly to use the tracker
  • Some felt the tracker wasn’t as accurate as expected, in particular mentioning the alerts and live tracking features
  • Some said the battery life was disappointing and they had to charge the tracker more often than expected

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PitPat Dog Activity and Fitness Monitor review


  • Best ‘no subscription’ tracker
  • Tracks activity
  • Recommends breed-specific goals

If you want the best dog tracker without a subscription, the PitPat Dog Activity and Fitness Monitor is an excellent option. Designed with the help of vets and featuring an easy-to-use app, this tracker is designed to help you keep your pup healthy and track their activity, rather than their location. It keeps track of your dog’s rest, activity levels, distance travelled, and calories.

I loved that this tracker had breed-specific recommendations to set achievable exercise and weight goals to improve your dog’s health. The tracker itself is light, durable, and waterproof. Rather than needing to charge the tracker, this product comes with a long-lasting battery which will need to be replaced after roughly a year.


  • Owners found this tracker was very useful for keeping an eye on their dog’s health, dealing with health issues, and helping their dog to lose weight
  • Many said this tracker was easy to use, even for those who usually struggle with modern technology
  • Owners loved that they didn’t have to worry about charging the tracker
  • Some owners found this tracker helped them to notice and treat health issues quickly
  • Many owners appreciated the breed specific goals which helped them to ensure their dog got the right amount of exercise
  • Owners found the tracker was highly durable, standing up to all sorts of weather and adventures
  • Owners liked that there was an optional subscription to access a rewards programme for their dog


  • Several owners found the activity tracking wasn’t accurate, with many noticing inaccurate readings in a range of categories
  • Some owners experienced breakage or fault after a little while
  • Some owners experienced issues syncing the tracker with the app

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Tracki 2022 Mini GPS Dog Tracker review


  • Best multi-use tracker
  • Range of purposes and attachments
  • Small and lightweight

The Tracki (2022) 4G LTE Mini GPS Dog Tracker is a fantastic option and can even be used for other purposes, including keeping track of vehicles, valuable belongings, and people (for example children or elderly family members). The trackers offers an unlimited distance range, worldwide use, and live tracking every 1 to 5 seconds. It’s very small, lightweight, and durable.

I loved that this tracker came with attachments for a dog’s collar, as well as a belt, lanyard, and a magnetic attachment. The battery can last up to 5 days depending on how much the live tracking is used, and a monthly subscription fee is required. It even comes with a lifetime warranty. 


  • Owners loved that this tracker was so small and lightweight, making it convenient for tracking
  • Many found this tracker and app were easy to set up and simple to use
  • Many owners felt this tracker was good value, mentioning the low price compared to other similar products
  • Many owners said the company offered excellent customer service when they needed help
  • Owners typically found this tracker gave them peace of mind
  • Many stated the tracker was accurate and the connection was good


  • Some owners found the device confusing to set up and connect
  • Several owners found that that the battery life was poor and didn’t last as long as the instructions suggested 
  • Some owners found the app hard to use and experienced issues with its function
  • Some felt the app wasn’t worth the price and were disappointed with their purchase
  • Some found the device struggled with connection especially at long distances from the phone

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Best Dog Tracker Buyer’s Guide

Things to Look for in a Dog Tracker

To help you find the best dog tracker for your needs, there are a list of factors you should consider below:

Battery Life

Most trackers will be rechargeable and will vary in how long the battery lasts between charges. As well as checking the description which will give you an idea of the maximum battery life, it’s worth checking the reviews to get a better idea of how long it lasts on average. The more often features are used, for example the live location feature, the sooner the tracker’s battery will run out. 

You can also look at how easy it is to charge the battery and how long it takes to charge. Some will be quicker than others which can be more convenient. 

Attachment to Dog

Most trackers will attach easily to your dog’s collar or harness. It’s important the attachment is secure, especially if your dog is off lead a lot and is very active. Check how it attaches and look at the reviews for an indication of how secure it is. 


It’s crucial the tracker is durable, so it stands up to all your dog’s activities. Most trackers will be waterproof and made with durable materials. Some will even be shock-resistant or bite-resistant. Think about your dog’s behaviour and how durable you will need the tracker to be: durability is something worth investing in for most owners. 

Comfort for Your Dog

Think about the size and weight of the tracker you’re considering, especially if you have a smaller dog. A tracker that’s on the larger side may be uncomfortable and cumbersome for them. You can also check the reviews for guidance on whether other owners found it was comfortable for their dog to wear. 

Subscription Options

Most trackers, in particular those which offer location tracking, will require a monthly subscription fee. This is because the trackers typically work using a SIM card, which keeps track of your dog’s location through GPS and mobile network connections.

Some tracker subscriptions charge lower fees than others and offer different payment plans. Take your time to look carefully at the subscription options and how much they cost before buying to ensure you can afford it in the long term. 

It’s also important to check how easy the subscription is to cancel or take a break from if you need to, and whether it’s easy to start it back up when needed. Since most trackers can’t be used without a subscription, take your time and be thorough with this.

Distance Range

Trackers will vary in how far your dog can be away from you while wearing the tracker to maintain an accurate connection to the app on your phone. Think about far your dog is typically away from you on walks and what you want the tracker for when making this choice. A lot of quality trackers will have an unlimited distance range. 

Worldwide Use

If you travel with your dog and want to use the tracker while you’re in another country, it’s important to check whether the tracker you’re considering will allow you to do this. Many will offer worldwide use, while some can only be used in specific countries. 

Live Location

Most trackers provide a live location feature, which updates regularly to show you where your dog is using the map in the corresponding app. Check how often live location is updated (this will vary in seconds) and think about how precise you want it to be. 

Activity Tracking

A lot of trackers will keep track of your dog’s activity, for example their steps, the distance they’ve travelled, how often they’ve been asleep, and so on. As well as being interesting, this can also help you keep an eye on your dog’s health. Some will offer more activity tracking features than others, so if that’s important to you keep an eye out for it. 

Location History

Some trackers offer a location history function, which allows you to view on a map where your dog has been within a set time frame. Not all trackers will offer this so think about whether it will be useful for you. 

Location Sharing

Some trackers allow you to share your dog’s location with others, which can be helpful for people who help to take of your dog, such as family members or dog walkers. It’s also a useful option if your dog was ever to go missing and you had people out searching for them. 

Ease of Set Up

Trackers will vary in how easy they are to set up and connect to your phone. Some will simply need to be charged, plugged in, and connected quickly to an app you download on your phone. Others may be more complicated. 

Check the description carefully for ease of set up, especially if you aren’t adept with technology. You can also check the reviews to see if other owners found the set up easy and whether they found the company’s customer service helpful if they did have a problem. 

Additional Features 

Trackers might offer additional features like a light on the tracker, being able to communicate with your dog through the tracker, or alerts if your dog moves out of a customizable zone. A lot of these features can be useful depending on your needs, so look through what’s on offer before making a decision. 


Uses and Benefits of a Dog Tracker

Dog trackers have a lot of potential uses and benefits including:

  • Allowing you to keep track of your dog when they’re off lead
  • Helping you find your dog more quickly if they go missing
  • Keeping an eye on your dog’s exercise habits so you can ensure they’re getting enough exercise for their breed and age
  • Helping you to notice health issues and deal with them quickly
  • Activity tracking could help you better inform your vet so they can provide a quick, accurate diagnosis in the event of illness
  • Aiding you in managing any existing health issues
  • Better equipping you to help your dog loose or maintain their weight
  • Allowing you to keep an eye on your dog’s movements while they’re with someone else, for example while you’re on holiday or if they’re with a dog walker
  • Giving you peace of mind so you relax and can enjoy walks with your dog


Dog Tracker FAQ

Do GPS trackers for dogs work?

Depending on the tracker and the signal in the area you’re in, GPS trackers can work very effectively. However, like a mobile phone they do have limited connection depending on the area. 

Do you need a dog tracker for your dog?

Every owner won’t need a dog tracker and it’s not a vital piece of equipment, but for some owners it can be extremely useful and help to keep their dog safe. 

Is a dog tracker worth it?

For many owners, for example those with active dogs who are off lead a lot, working dogs, or simply those who want to take extra safety precautions, a dog tracker can be well worth the investment. 


A dog tracker can help you keep your pup safe and happy, so you can enjoy watching them exploring the great outdoors! 

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